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Come Join Us in Yet Another Attempt to Save Yamuna

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Proposed Solution For Yamuna Issue

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What flows in Yamuna is nothing but dirty untreated sewage water of Delhi

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Save Yamuna Petition

Yamuna is officially DEAD. There is NO Yamuna in Braj Gokul Vrindavan.


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“Yamuna River is DEAD” – Govt Of India

Updates on Yamuna Campaign

Rally in Rajkot Gujaraj

A number of people gathered at Trikan Chauk of Rajkot city and walked through the main Bazar up to the office of district collector also known as Collector Kachahri. During the march, people were shouting slogans “Yamuna Lao Braj Bachao” (bring Yamuna back...

Save Yamuna Wave in Gujarat 

Gujarat has been helping tremendously in spreading awareness about the Yamuna campaign and requesting masses support for the same. All the Acharyas of Vallabh Sampradaya have instructed their followers to go door to door request people to give missed call, step up...

Express Your Commitment By Pledging Your Support...

Let’s Pledge To Support Yamuna Campaign

Revival of Yamuna river is not a person’s or organization’s responsibility, we ALL have to step forward and take actions.

The most important part of the support is to educate at least 4 other people you know about the Yamuna issue.

Pledging is way of appointing one’s consciousness  with a responsibility of alerting and reminding one to take action. Please download the pledge form here, sign it, and submit physically to your nearest Yamun Muktikaran Abhiyan office or scan it and email us to yma@maanmandir.org.

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Help Spread The Words

Use Social Media

Today all wold is connected through social media. Spread the cause through the famous social media tools such as Facebook, twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinrest etc. Modi government is far more receptive of social media.


Be a volunteer. No one can achieve the goal alone. We ALL must step forward and work together. Take a responsibility. We will be holding demonstrations, events and meetings, participate in such efforts.

Hold Events

You can hold events locally educating people about the real situation of Yamuna issue. All the metterial you need for such events can be downloaded from our site

Write to Govt Officals

Write to the ministers of Indian Goverment who are engagged in water related matters such as minister of Water Resources (Ms Uma Bharti is currently in office). Personlized communication works the best.

Stay in touch

Bringing Yamun River Back to Braj is one of the top priorities of Maan Mandir Seva Sansthan. The campaign is running world wide. A number of events are taking place around the world. We are in the middle of creating an automated system to provide updates to our visitors. If you wish to get updates, please subsribe here. You will have choice to opt out of the distribution list.

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